An Awesome Testimonial by Mr Bob Krist, National Geographic Photographer/Cinematographer

MyMyk is keen to share this validating testimonial from National Geographic photographer/cinematographer, Mr Bob Krist. Bob’s video clients, include National Geographic Expeditions, VisitPhilly (the tourist board of Philadelphia), the Atlantic City Alliance, and Four Seasons Hotels.
“I first heard about MyMyk from another National Geographic photographer who is getting into video (like I am) and was working with an Aussie filmmaker on board a Linblad ship using the gear on the Linblad Arctic expeditions.
The MyMyk stuff is unique on the DSLR audio market…especially that SmartLynk. I use a Nikon D5200 for a lot of my video and it captures a brilliant image, but it has no headphone jack. The SmartLynk is an amazingly compact unit, it provides me a headphone jack and allows me to mix two mic sources (a lav and a shotgun for interviews) all in a unit the size of a box of Tic Tacs. This is absolutely a unique product in this field, and I know, because I’ve searched high and low for a small convenient way to run two mics into a DSLR. The SmartLynk is about a third of the size and weight of any of the other on camera audio devices on the market which are good but weigh a ton, relatively speaking.
The SmartMyk is equally good, and much better made and durable than most of the other on camera top mics…I know because I’ve got two of the other small shotgun mics made by a well known brand in Germany and they’ve both been back to the manufacture because the cords are so flimsy and short out. The SmartMyk is built like a tank but is just as lightweight and has a far superior windcutter.
They’ve even got an ingenious app for recording with the mic right into an iPhone or iPod Touch.
This stuff is perfect for the traveling DSLR filmmaker who needs pro stuff in a small rugged form factor”.

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