Do you remember when the first toggle light switch was invented? Tom does.

Do you remember when the first toggle light switch was invented? Tom does, but we certainly don’t. “A switch that will grant you instant light?” “You’re crazy”, they all said. Fortunately, if it weren’t for the “crazy”, then we wouldn’t have progressed with half of the innovations that excite and inspire us today. There have been many innovators over the last 100 years who have dedicated their lives and pioneered against all odds to realise their dreams. The Wright brothers gave us powered flight. Marconi, Bell, and Logie Baird gave us communication. Fleming cured our ailments with the invention of penicillin. All of these inventions were remarkable in the eyes of those who lived without them. It’s safe to say that the majority of society has forgotten about the last 100 years, and these milestones and changes in life have mostly been taken for granted. The other day a wise gentleman caught the attention of our CEO and Managing Director as they were making a routine journey to the local post office. “I worked for the post office for 50 years”, they heard from the wise gentleman himself. His name was Tom (pictured). Tom will shortly be 103 years old. Tom has been married to his wife for 74 years, and is 100 years old. Tom’s children are in their 70’s. Tom can remember seeing his father head off to the First World War, and Tom can remember his father coming home again. Let us just give you a second to take all of that in… Tom - MyMyk After 10 minutes of chatting, he made our management really appreciate what the last 100 years has meant for our lives and the way we live. When Tom was born, the population of the world was roughly 1.6 billion. The population as of now is over 7 billion. At 102 years old, he has seen the immense growth of economies, technology, and population. Our Managing Director, inspired by his story, asked him if we could take his photograph and share his story. Just imagine asking him in 1911 if you could take a photograph of him with your telephone because you wanted to show his picture to people all over the world and share his story on an electronic device you have in your hand, that brings people from all corners of the globe into your lounge, office, or bus seat. “You’re crazy”, is what he would have said. At 103 he was trotting up the hill with our Managing Director, and CEO – chatting away as fit as a fiddle. He was doing the grocery shopping at the local supermarket. So, when you hear that 60 is new 40 believe it’s true. 100 must be the new 80. Let us reflect and thank innovation, education and science for this achievement. Enjoy every day and be thankful for all of the things our forbearer’s have done for us to give us the life we so often take for granted. Let’s remember Tom and be inspired by his active lifestyle. Let’s take a moment out of our busy, hustle and bustle schedules and share some of his memories’. There are 86,400 seconds in a day. Life is good.

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