Integrating The MyMyk Audio Suite with the OSMO Gimbal Camera

The OSMO camera is without a doubt a superb device for single shooters who need to capture action, whilst on the move. Large steady rigs are either too cumbersome or inappropriate for some situations, especially at a crowded sports stadium.

The OSMO camera has very basic audio features which are limited to one microphone input.  By integrating SmartMyk and SmartLynk PLUS into the rig, the combination of the products transforms the whole system to a new level of performance.

Unlike many other camera mounted microphones that we have tested with the OSMO camera, SmartMyk’s low profile design, ensures that the microphone does not encroach into the view of the camera lens, when following the action.

SmartLynk PLUS provides two microphone inputs. With the Plug & Power on the inputs of SmartLynk PLUS, a SportsMyk can be used as a very effective commentary microphone.

The following is a set up for using the OSMO camera as an action and commentary filmmaking system, especially for the single shooter.

  • plug SmartMyk into mic input 1
  • plug SportsMyk into mic input 2.
  • plug the mic output of SmartLynk into the mic input of the OSMO to record the action directly to the picture.
  • set SmartLynk to Split mode, thus recording commentary separately into the APP whilst the audio from the action, which is now being recorded into the OSMO by SmartMyk.
  • plug the iPhone into the SmartLynk APP output.  (using the TRRS 600mm cable supplied with SmartLynk PLUS)
  • record the commentary with SportsMyk using either the MyMyk reporter or Camera Audio APP.
  • transfer the audio from the App to the computer using Air Drop for Apple or WIFI for PC.
  • In the post production process, edit and post the commentary back into the picture while keeping the audio from the action on the camera file intact.
  • in the event that the location is very noisy, SmartLynk PLUS has a powerful headphone monitor amplifier, making it easy to hear the audio and adjust the levels going to the camera and the APP. (Setting levels will be discussed in detail in our next Blog)

OSMO - MyMyk Combo OSMO Ice Hockey copy OSMO-SML-SMM

In our field trails we discovered that the view-monitoring using a mobile phone works well when handheld rather than being attached to the camera. Fortunately, the wide camera angle on the OSMO ensures that the action is captured providing the camera is pointing to the object or subject. This can be referenced by quickly checking on the phones screen.  We found that mounting the MyMyk audio suite to the camera was the best option to ensure it picks up the best quality audio from the particular piece of action.

This is a very neat solution and it all packs neatly into a small bag.



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