Keep the wind out of your recordings

Most microphones used for recording audio with film/video are what is known as condenser microphones. These microphones are typically quite sensitive, and the greatest irritant or interference is wind noise.

Wind noise is particularly destructive to audio recordings.  It damages the audio track rendering it impossible for editing. To remedy the situation a post-production recording would need to be made and then added to the track. This can be a very expensive option with the talent being brought back for another recording, and also lip-syncing the new audio to match the tonality of the original recording. It is a specialised and extremely complex procedure.

The best option is to capture the audio on location and eliminate the wind noise at the source.

Synthetic Fur is the most common material used to achieve this, however, just wrapping a piece of synthetic fur around a microphone is not particularly effective. This will have some effect in cutting back the wind noise but it will also muffle the high frequencies and make the audio sound dull.

The SmartMyk Windshield is custom manufactured for MyMyk by Rycote (UK) to the specification of the Rycote Softie product. This design uses an open-cell, reticulated foam core with a purposefully designed fur that has been tested and proven in film making over the past two decades.

The function of the FUR is to reduce the energy of the wind noises over the microphone. The structure of the core prevents the wind from reaching the microphone capsule thus preventing attenuation (reduction in the level) of the high frequencies and the wind noises.


At the rear of the SmartMyk Windshield there is a Neoprene ring to prevent wind entering the microphone from the rear.

The SmartMyk Windshield will effectively cut wind noises by over 20dB.

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