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Four factors to consider when choosing headphones for monitoring audio.

1) The headphones you choose must be designed as monitoring headphones and not HIFI headphones. HiFI headphones have the frequency response tailored to give a warm low frequency response and a crisp high frequency response at low volumes by artificially increasing these frequencies. This has the effect of reducing the frequencies where the speech band sits. This means that the sounds that you are listening to with this style of headphone are not necessarily the sounds that are going to be recorded.
2) The headphones need to provide as much isolation as possible so that you can be sure you are listening to the audio that is being recorded and not overspill and ambience from the surroundings of the locations.
3) Ideally it is best to purchase a set of headphones with a mono /stereo selector switch as there is then choice to listen to the sound in both of these modes when necessary. However these are not easily available and are more expensive.
4) It is important to purchase a comfortable pair of headphones because they are often worn for extended periods of time. If there is too much pressure they will be uncomfortable.

Examples of suitable monitoring headphones:
Sennheiser HD 25 SP
CAD MH 310