MyMyk Connector Cable – A valuable and important audio gizmo for your camera bag.

The cable contains electronics that mute the microphone in a smart device, thereby enabling the connected external microphone to be the sole audio pick-up device.

What MyMyk Connector Cable can do:

1)   Allow  numerous types of microphones to be plugged into a smartphone or tablet to record good quality, focused audio. E.g. SmartMyk, SportsMyk lapel, self-powerd mics.

2)   It allows microphones requiring power (i.e. lapel mics) to plug into a smart device and pick up the power from the device.

3)   Allows you to record to the MyMyk smartphone recording applications using an external microphone.

4)   Record backup audio separately from the camera to the smart device, if you don’t have a digital recorder.

5)   Enable the recording of two audio outputs from SmartLynk to a digital recorder, by using the MyMyk Connector Cable as an adaptor to convert the APP output 3.5mm TRRS socket on SmartLynk into a standard 3.5mm TRS audio output socket.

A Great Application using the SmartMyk microphone, with the MyMyk Connector Cable, attached to the Manfrotto KLYP on a small desk tripod, can be the solution for recording daily reports and interviews to the MyMyk Reporter App. This setup is also perfect for Instagram and Vine.

Connector Cable MyMyk


SmartMyk Cable Connector MyMyk

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