Quick fix if a wireless microphone is unavailable.

The MyMyk system presents a simple solution for situations where a wireless microphone would be the ideal solution but is unavailable.

It is always best to be as close to the source as possible and there are occasions where there is too much ambient noise to use the microphone on the camera.

Also, with wireless microphones there could be times when a drop–out occurs in the wireless signal due to distance between the transmitter and receiver.  There could also be too many wireless systems in the same environment that interfere with each other.

These issues can be solved by using your IOS device, the MyMyk Audio Apps, and the MyMyk Connector Cable.

Whatever microphone you may have with a 3.5mm TRS plug:
– Camera shotgun microphone (SmartMyk) fitted using the coldshoe adapter onto a table-stand, tripod or pistol grip
–  Lapel  microphone
–  SportsMyk  clipped to the subject

You can then plug the microphone into the MyMyk Connector Cable and plug the Connector cable (male) into the smart device ready to record the audio from the subject to the smart device application.

The separate audio file can then be down loaded into the video editing program and imported to the picture.

If Lip Sync is an issue, you will find most editing programs come with waveform file matching. The software will match the audio recorded to the camera from the cameras built in microphone to the audio that has been recorded to the APP. If your editing program does not have this feature these programs are readily available.

Check out this link to the RED Giant website, makers of the Pluraleyes Program.

Note:  The MyMyk Connector Cable can be used with other non IOS smart devices, but it its important to make sure the audio recorder app in the device will allow the audio to be recorded at 48kHz which is the standard for video editing software otherwise Lip Sync could be an issue.

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Using the MyMyk Camera Audio application on the iPhone. SmartMyk paired with Connector Cable.

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