Recording sound effects with the MyMyk system – Part One

An important consideration to the overall feel of a quality production is realistic sound effects or background sounds.

Sound effects can either be sourced from audio effect libraries or recorded in a studio using a practice commonly known as Foley Art.

Alternatively, the sound effects can be recorded on location, which is the preferable option because it provides continuity with the ambient sound on the dialog recordings, making it easier to mix the audio tracks in the edit process.

In the photograph you can see Julien Boulanger from BEREFLEX Photography (France) using the MyMyk system. In the photograph we see SmartMyk, SmartLynk, and the IOS device with the MyMyk Camera Audio App fitted to a boom pole. Julien is using the system to record the sounds of the bicycle tyres on the gravel. He will later post this sound effect into the picture clips.

MyMyk SmartMyk Camera App

The MyMyk Camera Audio App can be used as a very effective device for recording sound effects. Multiple clips can be recorded and stored simply in one program file. The program files can be downloaded from the IOS device via the local area Wi-Fi or by placing the files into Drop Box or a similar application.

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 8.41.35 pm

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