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In April 2014, French bicycle designer Keim unveiled The “Arvak” bicycle. Using innovative manufacturing technology with a radical design, the bicycle was manufactured and designed in Savonnières in the Loire valley, France.
Combining wood and composite technology, between 20 and 50 layers of white ash are vacuum-laminated to build a silent and homogeneous monocoque-frame (one single hollow piece). These unique manufacturing techniques open up new aesthetic horizons for bicycle manufacturing.
Photographer and Cinetographer Juilen Boulanger of Bereflex Films has been filming the “Arvak Bicycle” using the MyMyk system attached to the wooden monocoque frame.
Julien mounted the SmartMyk directional microphone to SmartLynk the
audio mixer / workstation and the MyMyk Camera Audio APP (on his iPhone), to the wooden frame of the bicycle. He specifically wanted to record the isolated sound of the bicycle in action, to illustrate the smooth and quiet features of this unique machine.
The dual microphone inputs on SmartLynk enabled simultaneous capture of the commentary from the rider. Julien was able to send a mix of the audio from the bicycle wheels, driving mechanism and the commentary, into the MyMyk Camera Audio APP. He attached this very powerful, compact, lightweight audio system to the bicycle frame, without detracting from the performance of the bicycle. The audio was then posted into the film of the moving bicycle, sharing the sensation of riding this incredible machine.
MYMYK-1-2 copyMYMYK-1 copy

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