SmartLynk – Smarter Than You Think: Part 1

Recording left and right audio of different levels into the camera

Recording a talking head interview when it is necessary to be able to control the levels of each person separately – such as a loud male voice and softly spoken female voice.

Most cameras with a manual audio gain control will not allow for separate record levels to be set between left and right.

You will need:

  1. Smartlynk
  2. MyMyk Connector Cable
  3. 1 x Y-cable with two mono TRS 3.5mm input sockets and a 3.5TRS stereo plug
  4. 2 x 3.5mm TRS cables (one is supplied with Smartlynk)


  1. Select SPLIT mode on Smartlynk selected from the power ON switch.
  2. Take the 3.5mm TRS output cable (supplied with Smartlynk) and plug this into the MIC output of Smartlynk. Plug the other end of the cable into one-side of the mono input sockets of the Y cable.
  3. Then plug The MyMyk Connector Cable into the APP output of Smartlynk.
  4. Take 3.5TRS cable and patch the output of the Connector cable into the other side of the mono Y cable.
  5. Plug the stereo 3.5TRS into the camera.

Independent control of the left and right record levels into the camera can now be achieved.

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