SmartLynk – Smarter Than You Think: Part 3

Monitoring A Wireless Receiver

Most portable, belt-pack style, wireless receivers do not have headphone monitoring. Therefore by using a camera without manual metering, it is impossible for a camera operator to know if he/she is getting audio at the camera from the wireless link.

SmartLynk provides a solution to monitor the wireless receiver.

An application or example: There is now a solution for the wedding photographer who has the frustrating situation of not being able to hear the audio coming from the radio transmitter (usually worn by the groom) in the wedding party.

Method: Mounted on the top of SmartLynk (see photo), the output of the wireless receiver is first fed into one of the mic inputs of SmartLynk. It is then sent to the audio mic input of the camera from the mic output of SmartLynk, and monitored through the headphone monitor of SmartLynk.

SmartLynk is a simple, compact, and valuable solution.

SmartLynk Wireless Receiver

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