Using lapel mics and non-powered mics with a DSLR or Compact pro camera.

Using DSLR or compact pro cameras for recording interviews.
These cameras are ideal for interviews as they are small, discrete and less intrusive or likely to intimidate the interviewee, than a larger format video or film camera. However, capturing good audio is another problem as these cameras have limited audio features.

Being able to clip a lapel mic or (SportsMyk) onto the subject to collect audio is a fast and effective way to guarantee quality dialog, especially in the interview situation. The problem is how to get the signal into the camera, as most cameras do not provide the bias power required to operate lapel microphones.
Now there is simple solution….
SmartLynk PLUS – is a compact, portable/on-camera, two-channel audio mixer and monitoring device. The two 3.5 mm microphone inputs feature PLUG and POWER for these non-powered microphones. Therefore it is now a simple matter of plugging your lapel microphone or (SportsMyk ) into one of the inputs on SmartLynk PLUS and then to feed the signal into the camera from the SmartLynk PLUS output. More importantly, as both inputs on SmartLynk PLUS have the PLUG & POWER feature, it is possible to add a second mic and record both dialogues in the interview. The levels of the two microphones can be pre-mixed prior to recording.

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